5 5/23/2017

Timely excellent service. Both of my vehicles oil changes in under 30 minutes each.

5 5/22/2017

Excellent service, fast quality and friendly helpful staff!

5 5/21/2017

I think it's hard to find a garage that doesn't add extra repairs to your bill, especially to women. This is a garage I trust as a woman and they have been very fair and helpful. Helping me prioritize the repairs so I am spending just what I need to spend. Also, they are all very friendly.

4.5 5/19/2017


5 5/19/2017

Friendly and prompt service. Very accommodating schedules!

5 5/15/2017

Umm let's see what do you say about the #1 crew in Minneapolis. After you said it all. Took my beast in for brakes. Got new shocks and a balancer put on car rides smoother then ever on certain roads we do live in Minnesota so not all roads are lovely but let me say this and I'll say it 10,000 more times this place here has saved my life many many many!!!!!! Times and I can not thank mark and Andrew enough for the dedication and speed of the work on my truck enough most ever I had to wait was a day for certain things and never have I been with out a car always was a loner ready to go like little Caesars pizza even when I don't make a appointment Andrew or mark makes sure I'm in this team means business and does great Quality work. If your looking for a shop you can trust come on down to uptown honest one where everybody and I mean everybody is top of the line Above and beyond even if you leave something simple as a car seat for your baby and your car hanging in the air they will get it out and be waiting on you to bring it out yes out to you wow amazing service don't believe me stop in for oil or whatever I guarantee you you won't be disappointed Fast quick hassle free service Honest one uptown team rules

4.5 5/14/2017

excellent service and mark is THE best! FIVE STARTS ALL THE WAY

5 5/13/2017

Friendly and fast service

5 5/11/2017

Staff was very knowledgeable and helpful. Will be back.

5 5/10/2017

Good morning world! I couldn't be more happier today! Quick story... Friday driving to work i almost lost control of my vehicle because of bad brakes and rotors, took my truck in for inspection and yes that was the problem! Honest-1 got me in the next day and as usual...they seized to amaze me once again! I have became a regular part of their lives and if anyone has a car issue take it in, get it checked, and i bet you'll come out with a smile on your face indeed!! Mark, Ian, Fred, Greg and the many other wonderful people....I sincerely thank you...#You#Guys#Rock!!! Bye

You're the best Patty. Honest-1 Auto Care Uptown