5 4/22/2017

This review is based off customer service and they're still in the process of being done . I would like to say this place has the most wonderful customer service I ever seen the owner Mark was very patient with me while waiting for a loaner car. I really appreciate it how he kept me updated throughout the whole process even though I could see we was both stressed because we were three days behind from appointment date because I needed A loaner Mark and Andrew team does the most wonderful job I've ever seen every time I bring my car in for minor things and I'll always bring a car to people like them because I get the most respect from them no matter what I love uptown honest 1 for always and I mean always being there for me in my time of need even last min you guys are ready and the other people I don't know that work on the cars in the background thank you you guys rock

5 4/19/2017

Quick and efficient oil change!

5 4/17/2017

Have been taking my car here since I moved to town. They have been honest, personable, and trustworthy. I very much appreciate not having to brace myself for a fight with the mechanic every time I go in for an oil change. These guys are lovely.

5 4/15/2017

Great, fast service! Awesome customer service!

5 4/14/2017

Another job done by the great honest 1 team in uptown. It's like going to the doctor. With your kids you would want the best right. Now replace kids with car. You tried the rest now go to the best. Mark/Andrew are the best of the best don't waste your time getting the reach around from other mechanics go to honest 1 where they simple tell you what it is and how to fix it. And tells you the price without the well it's going to cost......... this nope simple easy and quick that's what I like. You won't find a better deal but at uptown honest 1

5 4/10/2017

Great guys, gave me a good deal on some parts because some bolts were rusted on

5 4/7/2017

This is a very friendly neighborhood car repair shop. It's clean, the staff seem happy and are always courteous & dedicated to solving problems in the best way. I completely trust them!

5 4/6/2017

Fast, affordable, and friendly. Great customer service.

5 4/5/2017

I went to have my winter tires swapped for the regular ones. The price, service and speed was great. Nice to work with you.

4 4/2/2017

Everything was done ion a timely manner and employees courteous. I di not get a 'window sticker' telling me when my next oil change is due.